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About AAFF

AAFF's Mission

AAFF has had a continuous presence in Afghanistan since 2007. The mission of AAFF is “We Build Hope.” We make this a reality by responding to the need for more educational opportunities for girls as well as responding to the need to enhance Afghanistan's infrastructure.  


We partner with Afghan communities and employ an all Afghan staff  to work on projects that restore hope so Afghans have access to clean water, educational facilities, training opportunities, and food security.  


Our partnership with Afghan communities has resulted in thousands having access to clean water near their homes, thousands of girls having enhanced educational opportunities, hundreds of teachers trained and thousands having access to food security. 

AAFF's Vision

AAFF is inspired by the tenacity and resilience of Afghan communities who have persevered through many challenges. We partner with these communities to provide programs that empower Afghans to live with worth, value, and dignity. Our programs support Afghan human rights, reduce the number of unnecessary hardships, and empower Afghans to enhance their lives and communities. 

All of our projects are a response to communities' requests. Our Afghan staff work with these communities to implement essential projects. Additionally, our work supports the economy as all of AAFF's project resources are purchased locally and labor is hired from within Afghan communities.

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