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About AAFF

Our Organization

AAFF has had a continuous presence in Afghanistan since it was established in 2006. The vision of AAFF is “We Build Hope” and we make this a reality primarily by responding to the need of insufficient educational opportunities for girls in Afghanistan.  


We work to build up the struggling infrastructure so all people have access to clean water, adequate educational facilities and training opportunities.  We partner with the government, communities and individuals to collaborate on projects that restore hope.  


We have served thousands of students and adults alike through human rights and women’s rights programs.

Our Mission

AAFF partners with the people of Afghanistan, assisting in rebuilding their country and restoring hope, one community at a time.

We help build and establish schools, train teachers, provide technology education centers, and construct wells that can supply entire communities with a lifetime of fresh water.

Our director normally lives and works in Afghanistan, personally overseeing AAFF’s partnerships with local communities.  We work closely with government leaders, making the most of our resources by employing local workers and using local materials whenever possible.

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