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Food Aid

Over 90% of Afghan households are not getting enough to eat due to a crippled economy, a staggering 29% unemployment rate, and devastating droughts, floods, and earthquakes, which have reduced crop production by nearly 30%. This project identifies the most vulnerable families in communities in northern Afghanistan and provides these families with a month's worth of staple food supplies. In 2022, AAFF built hope with over 6,000 Afghans by providing them with a month's worth of staple food items.
AAFF partners with Afghan communities to identify the most vulnerable Afghan families suffering from food insecurity. We meet with each of the families to understand their needs. Approved families receive a month's worth of staple food supplies that typically supports a family of 7 for a month. The supplies include 50 kg of flour, 5kg of oil, 14 kg of rice, 7 kg of beans, 7 kg of lentils, 7 kg of sugar, 2 kg of salt, 2 kg of tomato paste or pasta, 1 package of matches, and 5 kg of liquid soap.
Supporting Afghan families with food aid prevents starvation, malnutrition, and promotes health in other aspects of life. Often children in poor families beg for food for their families which prevents them from being able to attending school. Child marriage is on the rise as fathers see no other option but to sell their daughters in marriage to provide for their families. Providing families with food aid provides them hope and the opportunity to make choices for the wellbeing of their families.
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